Shoreham-by-Sea, September 2012

Another update, another airshow! There seems to be a theme developing here! I’ll try to add a little more variety in my next post, but in the meantime, I went to the Shoreham-by-Sea Airshow 2012 on Saturday 1st September. This is quite a small airfield with a rich history and there were several aircraft displaying here that I had not seen before and many that I really wanted to see, such as the PBY-5A Catalina, B-17 Sally B and several Hawker Hurricanes. There were very few fast jets, due, we were informed, to noise restrictions because of nearby housing. For me, this did not detract from the show as the organisers had put together a packed programme with a great variety, from gliders through to the fast jets, represented by the Tornado GR4 which did a flypast but were unable to do their full role demo due to the noise restrictions and available fuel. However, the mighty Avro Vulcan, XH558, was able to display and was very impressive, both in in looks and noise, as normal. An excellent display was flown by chief pilot Martin Withers. At one point, she eclipsed the sun which had started to break through the overcast. Had I realised, I would not have been looking through the camera at the sun but as it was, instinct took over as I followed the Vulcan with my camera and I took the shot – fortunately, because of the overcast, the sun was not very strong!

The overall theme was the centenary of the Central Flying School and many of the training aircraft from all eras of flying were present, from the Tiger Moths of the early years, through the Chipmunks and Jet Provosts to the Shorts Tucano and Hawk T1 of the present day.

The weather was overcast for most of the day so not the greatest for photography but I did get a few usable shots which I have uploaded to my gallery. Click HERE or on the image below to have a look. The weather was even worse on the Sunday, when rain disrupted much of the flying so I definitley chose the better day.

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